prices of the 2.55 reissues for 225, 226,227

  1. Does anyone know the prices of the reissues (particularly for 225 and 226) before and after the most recent price increase. Or before the July increase, if possible? Thanks so much!
  2. would love to know this too! :smile:
  3. As on October' 07, 226 is $2350 and 227 is $2495
  4. Any idea of what the new price is for 225 and 224 for that matter? Also, what are your collective thoughts on the utility of 224 and 225? Thanks very much!
  5. I actually have the 224 in the Metallic Black and thought it would be a cute occassional use bag, but I find myself using it quite abit. You can fit a small wallet, cell phone, lipstick and keys. I am really happy I got it, I almost returned it thinking it was too small.
    Also it seems to be very durable and doesn't scratch.... I love mine!