Prices of smaller accessories??????

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  1. Hi Everyone-:yes: :yes:
    I just purchased a Violet Bearn wallet- which I now adore , but wanted to add a few more colorful pieces to my collection. I was so inspired by all the great pictures the lovely ladies of TPF posted , I couldnt wait to start my own collection. I was interested in the key case and credit card holders as well as some type of puch I can use for my makeup bag. Does anyone own any of these items???? Can you tell me if you use them and if they are practicall????and if you know the current prices????? Thank You all so much for your help. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Hi shoegal and welcome! I have the Karo clutch (bought from a fellow pf gal) for a makeup pouch and think it runs $550-650. Not sure of the other items but I'm sure others will chime in. You can do a search for Karo to see pics...and I think there are other threads on accessories as well. Nothing is cheap but they are all beautiful...
  3. Thanks SHOES319-
    I am looking into the karo clutch as we speak !!!!:yes:
  4. Fringy-Key holder thingy (carmencita?) runs around $180.00 and is super cute!!!! Check it out on Picking up mine in (drum-roll please) VERT ANIS on Friday......that is unless I become starry-eyed with the one in Rouge H!!!!
  5. I think that's the carmen key ring, shopmom. The carmencita is the book mark. I too was contemplating getting the key ring but I know it would be a bad move for me if I do it. Both DH and I have the identical key ring right now, and its got photos of our 2 gorgeous kids. I am sure I would get the glares if I choose Hermes over my kids, KWIM?.
  6. THat sounds cute!!!!! I am trying to find a piccture of the keychain to get a visual but no luck so far:cursing: .
  7. the credit card case with a snap button is around 500~600

    the triangle coin case is 310 i believe
  8. Here's a pic of the Carmen Keyring

  9. Thanks ADDICTED!!!!
    That is super cute- I can see why SHOPMOM wants it, do you happen to know anything about the key wallet??????