prices of retourn and sellier

  1. can anyone tell me if retourn is more expensive than sellier?

  2. I think the price for a retourne is a little more. I say this because I had a conversation with my SA about the process in which the retourne takes. If the bag gets ruined in any way while turning it inside out, the bag is destroyed. If I am wrong, please correct me girls =)
  3. Hi Ghost55, actually you had it in reverse. Retourne is the soft, inside-stitch and Sellier is the outside stitch. Typically Sellier is about $1k USD more than Retourne (depending on leather).
  4. That's right, the sellier is more expensive than the retourne. Why? The craftsman has to be more careful with his stitching, as it is visible and also an additional layer of leather is added to maintain the rigide structure.
  5. thank you guys for your great help:yes:
  6. Interesting, I thought it was the opposite. Hmmm. Thanks for the clarification:yes: