Prices of Motorcycle in NY

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm French and coming to NY next week, can't wait!!!:yahoo:

    I was wondering what were the prices of motorcycle first and city bags in US. I'm thinking of buying a new one (I already have a grey first) , but don't know whether it's cheaper in France or US.

    Thanks heaps!
  2. first 995 plus tax
    city 1195 plus tax
  3. Thanks for the answer!
    For those who would like to know, in France prices in US$ are approximately

    first 905+tax (total 1123)
    city 1010+tax (total 1255)
  4. thx babylovermika,
    i always wonder about the price in france :smile:
  5. That's why I order a lot of my bags thru boutique in Italy because they are a little cheaper but then you have to think about the custom fees. :crybaby: