Prices of LV in Europe

  1. Hi everyone...I was wondering if you guys know the price in Europe. Are they cheaper in France? Or are they the same all across Europe. I checked on and found that the France price is definitely cheaper than the U.S....but don't know if it would be the same price in Germany compared to France. Really appreciate if you can tell me...thank you! :smile:

    (I'm debating whether to buy my first LV here...or wait until the BF goes to Germany a couple of months later) guys totally got me started looking at LV's.
  2. Prices in the Netherlands are the same as the one posted in the LV website... I know that there's a small variation (not more than 10 euros, if I don't recall wrong) in some other countries but in general prices are much cheaper than in the US :smile:
    Hope this helps!!!
  3. I am in the UK and it is cheaper for me to buy LV in Euros...I am going to Paris in 10 days so am planning a purchase there (baggy pm) It works out at about £30 cheaper
  4. not all prices are the same as what you see from the French website,if you are going to buy in NL you need to add few more euros above certain amount(this also got to do with the BTW too),that goes the same in all other europe country except French.
    some of the small leather goods prices can be same as what stated down at the french website....still not all prices are the same ! but still buying LV's in French are the cheapers of them all !!!
  5. and it does all depend on the exchange rate...
  6. germany it not the NETHERLANDS! It's Duitsland.
  7. If you are interested in the specific item, you can always send them an email (using that application on the LV site) and ask them about its price in the country you will be visiting. That's what I did last summer when I was going to Berlin.
  8. I live in Paris and have not been into their new store yet! Shame on me...tell you what, if you want, I will use your desire to know as an excuse to get me over you have a model in particular you would like le to check out?
  9. May I take you up on this offer? I live in Rio and the speedy 30 here - is brace yourself - $735!! :mad:

    Can you tell me how much the excentricite is? and the damier alma? thanks a bunch!
  10. I never said Germany was the Netherlands :blink: I only pointed out the prices in the Netherlands, I have no clue how much things are in Germany...
  11. I will drop in Next Tuesday and let you know what I find out....
  12. i went to paris last june, and purchased speedy 30 for 400 euros, antigua besace for 500 euros, monogram shawl for 230 euros. there might be a small price variation depending on how intact my memory is :shame:
  13. The prices have been the same in all euro currency countries where I've been visiting LV stores lately, but they are a little bit cheaper in LV's French webshop.
  14. As others have said, it depends on the exchange rate. But the plus you have as a non-EU tourist is that you get the VAT refund. That can save you $ even with the exchange rate. The only thing to remember is that (technically) you are supposed to declare the bags with customs if you exceed your $800 allowance. Usually it's only 2% on the amount above and beyond that.
  15. Wow, thanks guys, this is very useful info for me! really should use my desire to check the store out! :biggrin: Please help me check! Really appreciat it. I would like to know the price of the Batignolle Horizontal(USD$775), the Epi Passy (USD$1140), and the Epi Passy GM (USD$1350). Honesly...the Epi ones is a little too expensive for me(but it's soooooo cute!!!), but I'm hoping it's cheaper over here and I can justify buying it! :lol:

    Thank you! tell us how the new store experience goes! :flowers: