Prices of luxury goods after Brexit

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know if brands are going to increase prices after brexit as if a no deal goes through, import taxes from different countries is 38%
  2. Definitely. Everything will be expensive from food products to houses. I do not see a reason why luxury goods would not increase in price as well.
  3. It's not just import taxes, it will depend on the value of the British pound. If the pound is severely devalued following Brexit, then prices are likely to go up. If the pound maintains its value against the USD and Euro, then prices will remain similar as they are today.
  4. Oh please! Nobody knows what's happening with Brexit yet!
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  5. i've been thinking about this a lot. i live in the US and am wondering how it will affect the luxury resell market over here (i.e. if the GBP or Euro tank but the USD stays strong). it's a risk, but i'm considering holding off on buying my first celine until after brexit. if anyone here has a more educated POV, i would love to hear it!!