prices of legacy bags increased

  1. I was looking at the website today and noticed some of the prices on the legacy bags went up...:crybaby: I still have my eye on the shoulder bag in juniper...
  2. Hasn't the shoulder bag always been $448?
  3. ^^ Yes. The 06 version was $398 I believe and it went up to $448 when the 07 version came out. At least I think that's correct! LOL!
  4. I don't see a price increase. Where did you see that?
  5. I:heart:that bag in Juniper
  6. But I'm pretty sure the '07 legacy leather satchel Decreased from $798 to $768 (currently sold on the website). Am I wrong about the original '07 Satchel price?
  7. I am pretty sure that it was $768. The '06 was $698. Am I remembering correctly ladies?
  8. The shoulder bag that I like has stayed at $398 and I've just not paid enough attention to the others to notice if the price changed.

    Aren't you glad I contributed this information????? haha
  9. You're right.....I think all of them went up like $50 when the 07 versions came out.
  10. You just scared me into going onto the Coach site! Yes, the Leigh went up $10 :sad: at least not a crazy price increase. Unfortunately I am eyeing it in raisin or juniper but I have ALOT of saving to do!