prices of gucci

  1. does anyone know what is the lowest the price can go for gucci boston black 131092 and the gucci spring/summer scarf tote in beige 153033?

    thanks all:yes:
  2. 131092:
    and 153033:
  3. Hello mygucciforreal.

    I work as an SA at Gucci and I know these bags well. If you are luck enough to find an authentic Blondie in Black calf, or even white, you would pay darn close to retail if not more. Very much in demand and impossible to find. Probably sell at around $1200 or more! The other model is a little easier to find, I have seen it at our outlet stores.....if you aren't looking for a leather one, or a fancy skin, probably around $750 to $800 I would think. Good Luck in your search.
  4. i need a blondie of my own :sad:
  5. masiydaisy you are so lucky!!!!