Prices of Fall 2007 MbyMJ bags

  1. Hello there,

    I am looking for price information about the Fall '07 MbyMJ bags - specifically Baby Boxy and New Pouchette. Many thanks!

    *Oops...just realized that I am in the Ref. Library and not the regular MJ forum. My apologies - feel free to move this, mods! Thank you and sorry again!
  2. i know the price of the baby boxy is $458. it's a bit pricey for such a small bag, but the leather is tdf.
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  4. I posted my apologies in an edit of my original post - again I am sorry for posting in the wrong spot.
  5. ^No problem!Happens all the time!No worries!
  6. So does anyone know the price of the new pouchette? Also, the clutch looks pretty nice too.