Prices of fakes escalating?

  1. I don't believe my eyes! See eBay item 290200791313 why would anyone bid that high? Not just 2 bidders, 5 unique bidders!!

    Btw my sister was given one of the fake pouches similar to ones this seller peddles, from some air stewardess friend who flies the China routes. It cost her not a penny above US$0.20 from a street vendor. Just imagine how much profit these eBay sellers are raking up, I bet he makes more than a seller of genuine Tokis!
  2. That is a huge worry! It clearly says "inspired" in the description, and the bag looks awful. :shocked:

    I think what is of bigger concern is the very realistic looking fakes that have started to rear their ugly heads. At least there are great resources out there like here or tokidoki-blog to help make sure we get the real thing.