Prices of Classic Flaps abroad?

  1. Hi fellow tPFers! I'm from New York City and I'm making a trip to London and Paris in August!! It's my first time and I'm overly excited!! I've been saving up for the Chanel Classic Medium(or Large?) Flap in Black Caviar leather that retails for $1995 here. Would anyone happen to know if prices in London and Paris vary?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I don't know about Paris, but i think in london you'll be paying over £1000, which i believe would be about double what you pay in America.
  3. I was in Paris mid-May and the med. caviar classic flap retailed for 1470 Euros with a 13% Vat refund.
  4. Last weekend I called up the Chanel Boutique at Heathrow Terminal 3 the SA quoted me 880 pound (tax free).

    I think it is cheaper in the UK because of the tax refund. You may save up to US$200.

    Enjoy your Shopping...
  5. I think all of the prices are the same.. The only difference it makes is the tax.. So if you buy something from a tax-free country, you'll get the flap in a cheaper price.
  6. Do you think I could get Chanel Heathrow to ship it to me?
  7. ^ I'm pretty sure not because you get to shop in airport duty frees only when you pass through.
  8. Heathrow don't ship to you, you have to purchase the bag when you go through the airport. However their stocks are usually thin on the ground so if there is a bag you want to purchase then it is a good idea to ring in advance and tell them when your travelling and they will usually hold the bag for you. Alternatively you can buy your bag from the boutiques in London for £1040 for the large flap in caviar and get a tax refund of 17.5% - commission at the airport. BTW the commission is only on your first purchase after that you get the full tax refund on your other Chanel purchases. You have to tell the cashiers when you purchase the bag that you need a VAT form for refund.
  9. The price of Chanel is roughly the same between Europe and the US, the only thing that makes the difference is the exchange rates and taxes per country.
  10. I've actually never gotten a tax refund at the airport. Can someone tell me how the process works? Thanks!
  11. In HK tax free, however classic flaps was 16000HKD. It cost almost the same price as US including tax. 1USD=7.8HKD Good luck!
  12. ^ Really? okay, a relative is going to HK and I was going to ask to help me buy one, but since it's not cheaper... :blah:
  13. When you purchase the purse, tell the SA to give you the VAT form. She will help you fill it out. Before you check in at the airport, go to the tax refund counter and show the officer the purse. He will stamp the form which you can then drop in the mailbox at the airport. You will receive your refund in about 8 weeks.
  14. I find Chanel cheaper in Paris than London.
  15. A jumbo caviar classic flap cost 1650 euro (in Paris b4 vat refund) that's abt SGD3360 .But in my country, the price is SGD3860..hence it is not the same price at all.
    When the vat would cost me SGD3000