prices of chanel in europe, especially germany or spain?? bonus offer!!

  1. Hi ladies,
    i was wondering if any of you overseas purse fanatics or any avid US shoppers knew anything about the price of chanel in europe, particularly germany and spain??

    i will be heading over there in a few weeks for a well-needed vacation! are price increases effective there also? also how does the price of a classic bag there compare to the same one here in the states?

    i visited monte carlo a few months back and was able to snag a chloe for a few hundred less than here, with the VAT tax refund and all. i'm not sure about chanel though.

    if anyone has any info on chanel in europe at all, i would love it. :yes:

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  2. MsJenn, sound like a fun plan. I was in Germany last month, and bought 4 Chanel bags while I was there. The prices (with the exchange rate at the time) was identical to what we got here. Actually one bag came out to be a bit more expensive there than here. Yes, you can get 13% VAT refund, but it's not all that attractive with the exchange rate at the time. I found out that when I opened up a Saks card and did it during EGC event, it's actually cheaper to get a bag locally.

    And be careful when you bring in those bags on your way in to the US, read this thread:

    Have a great vacation!
  3. I ahve no experience buying CHanel in Europe, but my friends did purchased from Paris and after VA refund, they would be at least 10% cheaper than here....
  4. oh hmm, maybe i should plan a trip to paris too!! :yes:
  5. the VAT refund in Germany and France for Chanel is exactly the same, which is 13%
  6. but the prices for chanel in paris is cheaper than the prices of chanel in germany, no?
  7. Nope, the ones that I bought in Germany (jumbo flap, reissues, flap from soft handle ligne and timeless tote) were all the same...
  8. eiffel,
    did you notice if they had any bordeaux or dark silver reissues?? and do you remember the price of the reissues in euros?? thanks!
  9. Dark Silver reissue size 225 was euro1550 in Italy.
  10. thanks button. i would love to know the price of any other bags if you remember =)

  11. TY for that link! I will be heading to Germany at the end of the month and I don't want problems with customs!

    msjenn- have a great vaca! let us know what you get!