Prices--NY vs. Paris?

  1. H goods used to be less expensive in Paris. But, now that the dollar is weak against the Euro, is that still the case? (I know there is better selection in Paris, but wondering for things that I can get locally if I should resist the romance of buying in Paris.)

    Thank you!
  2. Currently a 35cm Birkin in Clemence or Togo will cost you 5,100 Euro in France.
    That's 7,500 Dollars (without tax refund).
    Romance is winning...
  3. I was wondering about that and what a good souvenir!!! VAt is still 12-13% right? Hooray for ROMANCE!!!:yahoo:

    Anyway, Mai Tai, would you know how well they "stock" the stores in Monte Carlo, St. Tropez and Cannes? Just curious to see if I AM are going to get into "trouble" when we get there this coming June when I bring my wife and kids over.
  4. Merci, Mai Tai! Now I can continue to dream about my hoped-for purchases. And, with my larger-than-expected bonus, I:woohoo: can pay for them!
  5. I think the VAT in France is 19% and if I remember correctly, Hermes only refunded 12%. I don't know what would have happened if my items had been shipped to the US, but I bet I would have paid duty.
  6. I am not sure but I think I read that the flagship store gives only 10% back. . . because they can.

    Of course, most NYers pay NY tax on top
  7. petpringles, you're ALWAYS so good to your wife!!!! you're even looking forward to spending money at Hermes in JUNE!
  8. Petpringles; they should be well stocked, as all three are tourist destinations of the spending kind. Cannes would probably the best bet (conveniently located right on the Croisette). St. Tropez would probably be low in stock in the winter months though.
    Nice has a boutique too, but not much stock.
    I would just call them up and check. Most french boutiques (apart from Paris and Lyon) are very happy to discuss their stock over the telephone and hold items back for you.

    As for trouble, I hope your kids are young enough to not want orange boxes for themselves too!:lol:
  9. Thanks Bazzbag and Mai Tai...I guess after all the frustration of landing one (finally(!) but less than 3 months so I should not complain right?) has got me into this awful track that...heck, why not another one if I can...whenever and if ever I can! My wife loves this stuff(!) and she's been the greatest and life is good so...give the lady what she wants...thus my quest continues (down the helpless slippery slope of the color orange!) long it's the size and color she desires [as you ladies put it, makes her heart sing] and that she does not compromise...too much $$$, too compromise. Then, go for it I say.

    Mai Tai, looking forward to Cannes then and thanks for the build up of excitement...and yes, my wife insist on using her one and only Birkin (so far!)on this vacation. That's encouraging that they cater well to tourist unlike the Las Vegas boutique that treated me so coldly early last month...really made me feel inferior...for the best intentions I have mind you?

    We leave for Moscow and St. Pete's for kids Spring break (Mid March), my wife wants to visit the Hermes Boutique in Moscow...I think the stock will not be so good and if there are any grail bags, they would probably land to the nouveau riche Russians ladies and good for them...spread the color orange around. But we will probably peak nonetheless! Maybe even take some pictures and post them!! Hmmmhow about a trend on posting pictures of Hermes Boutique around the world...sounds cumbersome but doable!

    You ladies are the best (and want the best)...happy conquest and may this holiday season hit you with several orange boxes! Just don't get hurt!::woohoo:
  10. Detaxe for Hermes Paris is just 10%.
  11. Duty is about 9%...unavoidable if you have things shipped.
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your Las Vegas experience, they really have got a nerve.
    Maybe it's better in Europe, because there are so much more shops here.
    I think France alone has got more than the entire United States combined!
    As for catering for tourists, my SA told me one of his clients went on holidays in Portofino. The first night, she dreamt of having a white Birkin. The next morning, she walked into the local H store and asked if they had a white Birkin. They had it, and she walked out of the store ten minutes later, swinging her Birkin on her arm.
    This is extremely lucky, of course, but I see all the time Kellys and the occasional Birkin sitting on display. Good luck, and yes, it would be great to see photos of all the H stores you'll be visiting.
    P.S. when shopping in France it's a really good idea to speak just a few words in french. The most important one is 'Bonjour', right when you walk into the shop. Most tourists don't bother, but if you do, it can produce a little extra magic..
  13. MaiTai...I believe it is a courtesy to at least learn some local phrases to break the ice so to are so accurate with that. My little knowledge of French has taken me a long least in my younger years but I will not go there! SMILE!!!

    Anyway, now I am beginning to feel scared because they have Hermes boutique in Portofino too! I forgot about, from Costa del Sol to South fo France to Italian Riviera...Hermes will be haunting me and my wife torturing me!! Like a little kid in a candy shop! I'm scared!!! I forgot about that...I'll be broke by the time I get home!!! I should change that vacation and spend the whole time in Hermes there...right?!?!? I have afeeling there is one there too! YIKES!!!! One birkin per destination....ouch! Don't think so!
  14. The St. Trop H is fantastic. Beautiful old building and a gorgeous gallery next door. Well worth the trip. NOt sure about their bag selection, I only purchased jewelry there.
  15. I'm bumping this thread to see if we still agree Paris prices will be less than NY? We have 8.5% tax, here, so even as the dollar falls, perhaps if one could purchase in Paris and not ship, one could save a decent amount? (longchamp pliage carrier for importing, perhaps)