Prices less than retail

  1. I wonder why can resellers offer bags with prices below retail?!:shrugs:
  2. A safe assumption would be the bag is most likely a fake. But there are definitely good bargains around, for example, gently used bags that look like new but just without the plastic on the hardware.

    I will stay away from desperate to sell, sob stories. (sorry)
  3. Depends if they are vintage/used, if they claim that they are new then we have a problem.
  4. Thanks Mrssparkles!

    I saw a massai below retail in a reseller site. This retailer was named reputable...hmm, wonder how this is possible. And it is not a sale item!
  5. Thanks Baggaholic!
  6. Given the annual price hikes, and the price variances in the different hermes store worldwide (eg. Paris is so much cheaper compared to Asia/US) it is possible that if someone bought the bags a few years ago, he/she can charge a mark-up over what he/she bought the bag at and still be lower than current retail.

    Of course I would be immediately suspicious if a brand new 2006/7 bag retailed for less than what Hermes in paris is charging at current retail.
  7. Thank you Archangel!

    The massai is offered by Jemznjewels, cost hundreds less!
  8. I agree with archangel. I think for bags that are relatively easy to buy off the shelf & in pre-owned condition, it's only reasonable for the bag to be priced below retail :smile:
  9. Also, there are "buying mistakes" and gifts to consider. I have at least four handsome handbags in my closet that have never been touched (not to mention about a dozen pairs of Ferragamo shoes!) They aren't Hermes, but I'm sure some people with a lot more disposable income than me make mistakes or get presents from their parents and decide to sell them.

    One other thing to consider: jemznjewels is in NYC, where fashion industry insiders are given bags they haven't asked for and where bags used briefly for photographic shoots or commercials are quickly retired.
  10. What about the resellers who buy bags in Europe and can bring them stateside and mark them up below U.S. retail? (you can work out of your home) It is easily possible.

    If you are working a smaller business as a reseller you can easily make money. If you know what know what to buy. You don't need to mark the bags up a great deal and you still make a nice profit. You may need to sell a few bags to make the money the larger resellers make, but are still a reseller making money.

    I know in my business our profit margin is slim...making a smaller profit isn't that bad, if the risk is not there.
  11. Also, to consider :idea:

    * SHOOTING STARS the bags craftsmen are allowed to make for themselves, then wind up on the resellers market (& not spa elligible)
    * SALE BAGS indicated by a S stamp
    * EMPLOYEE SALE BAGS an S stamp and subsequent numbers
    * "MAKE ROOM" BAGS ethical owners selling an older bag to raise funds for a new bag
    * DAMAGED BAGS an older bag with signs of wear, or refurbished

    Most of which are like buying a gently "used" car, still fabulous, except you better hope that shooting star doesn't break down or no one will touch it!

    • Often it may be a new bag but purchased several years ago and just sitting in the closet of the consigner.
    • Or it was purchased by the reseller a few years ago and hasn't sold, so the reseller sells it close to their cost to clear it out.
    • Also could be gently used.
    • May be a sale, shooting star, or slightly damaged as Angelfish listed above.
  12. Possibly a reseller needs to sell their slower stock to get money to purchase something else. But I agree a 2006/07 bag may be close to retail but most likely never under.