Prices: is it less expensive in the US than in France?

  1. Hi!
    I'm French and I would like to know if I should buy my next Bbag in NY because I'm coming around the 20th of august... Is it less expensive?
    Can you give me prices of the city, the work and the giant work WITH the taxes??
  2. Here is the BBag price list in U.S.:

    Regular hardware
    First ($995)
    City ($1195)
    Work (1385)
    Weekender ($1495)
    Twiggy ($1095)
    Step ($1295)
    Day (995)

    Giant Day with Giant NICKEL/SILVER hardware (1245)

    Giant Silver Hardware
    Giant City ($1595)
    Giant Brief ($1595)
    Giant Hobo ($1245)
    Giant RTT ($1865)
    Giant Money ($525)
    Quit ($1795)

    I don't know what is NY's sales tax. I guess it is around 8.5% or so. You will have to consider the exchange rate as well as custom fee if French custom will charge you.
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  4. Buy in the US. Not sure what the pricing is in France of Balenciaga, but you'll probably save money on the currency conversion rates alone. If a city bag costs $1195 in America and 995 euro in France (not sure if that's right, but im guessing the price is around there), the bag would still be less expensive with sales tax, since 995 euro is about $1400-$1500 these days anyway.
  5. For SURE the bags cost less in Europe and especially in France. You'll save about 150-200 € by buying it at home. Once the goods leave the EU, there are all sorts of duties and tariffs that end up being built into the price.
    I believe that the price in France, Germany and Italy equates to about $750USD for a City. So it's really not a good idea to buy outside of the Euro zone!
  6. I can't speak for France, but in Denmark, it's DEFINITELY more expensive than the US.

    Prices in USD, based on today's exchange rate:
    First: $1300
    City: $1500
    Work: $1575
    Day: $1095

    And based on LVR's prices (in Italy), the Work is $1435, Giant City $1645.

    I personally think they're cheaper in the US because the dollar is so low.
  7. It's more expensive in the UK than in the US too. An RH City costs £720, which is $1460 at the current exchange rate.

    I'd love to know how much they are in France and Italy, though.
  8. Well, when I asked a couple of the German/Austrian girls before my trip they quoted me 750 Euros for a City from the current collection...I didn't seek out Balenciaga in Europe but LV was definitely cheaper. So i am ready to be corrected if anyone has updated or different info:smile: