Prices in Paris

  1. Does anyone know what the prices are in Paris for the reissue 225, 226 & 227?
  2. Anyone from Paris or recently been to Paris??? I'm thinking of buying one there if it's cheaper. Thanks in advance.
  3. Im leaving for Paris TODAY!(one more HOUR!) I will let you know when I get back!
  4. Thanks Jill!!!
  5. I bought a 225 in Jan 06. It was about 20% cheaper. Remenber to get the VAT(tax) paper work stamp when you leave Europe. This will give you another 10% back on to your credit card when the papper work is process. This usually takes a few months.

    You do have the option of getting the cash back at the airport but the % you get back is much lower. 3 % or something like that.

    have fun in Paris
  6. Hi Newbie,

    The prices in paris (and much of europe for that matter are less than US) b/c their tax is included in the price of the bag (which you can receive back by filling out a tax reimbursement form at the store. I usually return the form at the airport I am flying out of) AND you don't pay the US tax.

    Not only that but I have found the sticker price in Paris, even w/tax included is a few hundred less than the US price)
    - My SO speaks french so he has called the boutique in Paris for me before to inquire about pricing and its usually less than US.

    One thing to note is that the exchange rate is not great for us right now, so there can be anywhere from 20-30% additional cost on top of sticker price.

    But even with the unfavorable exchange rate I have found you can save a couple hundred in Paris, not bad if u are already there.

    One last thing though, if ur interested in one of the more limited styles they may not be available on the floor for purchase, since like the US popular styles go fast.

    Hope this helps. good luck w/ ur bag search!
  7. Let us know what you get! Try and get pics in the shop if they let you-- I'd love to see pics of 31 Rue Cambon. . .
  8. Hi goingindebt !
    you seem really well informed about European prices so I have a question for you!
    I live in Italy and I read the PF prices in dollars, do you think I could save a bit with italian prices? THANKS!! :flowers:
  9. would prices in paris be similar to that of london since they both have VAT which can be claimed back? my husband is going to london at the end of the month and he is going to buy me my first chanel bag :yahoo:
  10. VAT in Italy (where it is called IVA) is 20% while in the UK is 17%, I don't know about French. However british prices look higher for italians because life is more expensive in the UK (but salary are also higher than here) and second for the strenght of the pound
  11. my friend just back from paris and said the stock is very limited.. so try your luck there
  12. Jill are you back? Dying to find out what did you bought?
  13. Alice, if u live in Italy and the price of the bag there, in euros is less than retail us price in dollars u are savin $$ b/c we pay us sales tax (varies by state) on top of retail AND take a loss on the exchange rate of 22%. $1=.78E..Lucky you.
  14. Im back..The prices are better in France..Jillybean got a flap at a great price..I got a cruise tote and cruise shoes...and still get 13 % tax refund after a lower price.
  15. so the price in Paris is about 20% lower than US (after VAT refund)?

    my cousin will be going to Paris in few weeks and if the price is lower I'm going to ask her to buy some bags for me.