Prices in Paris?

  1. Are LVs cheaper in Paris? i mean.... compared to... let's say... vancouver? :hrmm:
    my mom claimed that it was and that they sometimes have a 'sales' or something of that sort in the LV stores in Paris and that she might consider making the trip over there just for LV shopping... is that true? i thought LV never had 'sales' or anything like that? :huh:
  2. they have sales employees but also in the US, but yes it's cheaper in the store too but never go on sales.
  3. I've been buying LV for 13 years, and I've never seen a sale. LOL.

    In Paris though the prices tend to be a little cheaper. Depending on what you're buying, by anywhere from $20 to maybe $200 on a larger piece.

    You get a VAT refund if you're not part of the EU, but the refund is capped at $1000.
    Anything after that you'd have to pay tax on.

    There was a thread somewhere awhile back.
    I can't recall who had just gone to Paris, but she was nice enough to post a small price list on a number of pieces.

  4. Hi, you can go to see the price in the Vuitton site, just click France at the first page cause they told the price of every bag in euro , however you can calculate the money curency exchange in this site,

    :yes: :yes: :biggrin:
  5. Yes, it is cheaper to get LV in Europe (not UK though!!!).
  6. yes, yes, much cheaper!
  7. Yup, Much cheaper in Paris, the US mark-up is amazing and you don't get any tax off If you are traveling. I prefer to buy in France or UK as I get the tax off, 17% in UK and 14% (I think in France). I shop in pounds, but I do know the euro is getting stronger, making it more even, currency wise. I have heard the urban myth of the sale, the SA in Champs-Elysees said they have done it once and people lined up for days!!! It was the traditional canvas that they offered in the sale, he sadly told me they destroy the rare pieces, like Robert Wilson, monogram cherry blossom ect, to preserve the exclusivity. Boo Hoo.
  8. oh wow... so there IS some truth to that myth after all... :shame:
    so it is worth it buying from there eh? :biggrin:
    thanx girlss!!! REALLY appreciate the feedback! :flowers:
  9. My SA has told me that the head honcho of LVMH is on record for saying that they rather burn the bags then put them on sale ....from what she knows they do incinerate (sp?) them.
  10. LV never has sales, they have certain times of the year where EMPLOYEES are allowed to use an employee discount to purchase items that are not current season. I think once a year they get to purchase new items but they have a limit.

    LV is cheaper in Paris when you convert currencies. For example, I am saving up to buy the MC speedy and some accessories to match. I have a personal shopper who travels to Paris often and when I buy them I will buy them through her because I will save almost $500. She gets paid by keeping the refunded taxes, she charges me no fees directly.
  11. All you have to do is go to and click on France then click through like you would on and you see the prices.
  12. how much do they charge for taxes?
  13. To have a discount you have to make best friends with a LV employee ! My friend used to live near a LV "factory", and all the factory employees had a LV !! how cool
    It worth coming to Europe for the beauty of the cities !!!.....and LV of course, be prepared to queue up a bit on the Champs Elysées.
  14. The LV prices are a bit cheaper in European €-currency countries, but I've heard that the LV prices are the highest in Japan, like 25% more expensive than average, is it true?
  15. Australia is expenxive (if teh dollar stays current) i figured a formula to convert the price (roughly) the price up is around 30%-50% more expencive than eluxury prices but that convetrts american $ straight to au$ with no converstion (it works as apersonal thing)