Prices in Italy

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  1. My friend is going to Italy in a few weeks. I know the prices in France are cheaper then the US for LV but I was wondering about the prices in Italy. Is it worth it for me to ask her to bring me back a Koala wallet. I know you get the tax back but I could always order from Elux and not pay taxes. So how much cheaper would it be if any?
  2. You can only bypass sales tax if your item is shipped to a state other than CA or TN (I mentioned because your avatar says you live in CA).
  3. Yeah, I know. :crybaby: I was going to send it to a friend's address that is outside of CA and then just have them send it to me. And I would do this while Elux has free shipping.
  4. Prices in Italy are a little more expensive than France ones...:smile: If the e-luxury price is quite more expensive than the french one,than it could be worth to try in Italy!;)
  5. you have to add between the €5-€50 on LV items on the France price. I depends on how big the items is, So I think for the koalla wallet it will be arround the €10 extra on the LV price in France:smile:
  6. Yes. For example:

    I paid for:
    Fortune cles in Verona(ITALY) 130euro and it cost on 1250euro

    Loup Messenger 610eur in Vienna (same prices as in Italy) and it cost on 580eur

    So I think there isn't such difference, maybe if you're buying trunks or diamonds necklace:graucho:

  7. i bought some LV pieces in italy and yes i agree.:yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. The Koala in Italy was 400 Euro in august 2006, don't know if the price is now higher..
  9. Okay, call me a little slow. :p So if it is $585 US how much would that come out to in US dollars if I were to buy the Koala wallet in Italy
  10. The exchange rate today for Euro to US $ is around 1.35 so if the wallet is still priced at 400 Eur it would come out to about US $543.

    I am trying to decide if I want to wait for DH to bring me my BV from Switzerland in August or get it now from ELux. Don't know the price of the BV there now but 2 years ago, most things we looked at were $40-$50 cheaper than in the US.