Prices in Europe?

  1. I'm going to Italy soon and I was wondering how much cheaper are Gucci handbags there compared to the US, especialy the Biba?

    And I can't decide what I like better for the Biba. The beige/ebony GG canvas with the brown leather trim or with white leather trim? Is the white trim easy to take care of?

  2. I just came back from Rome and the prices were basically the same (Euro is slightly stronger) only you do not have to pay the tax. So it can be upwards of $100 to $500 in savings depending on the price of the bag.
  3. I don't know if the prices are the same in Gucci online store and in boutiques but compared to the online store prices my Gucci bags that I've bought from Paris have been at least 10-20% cheaper than in the US. And I haven't counted what you win not paying taxes because as an EU citizen I have to pay them.
  4. Are there Gucci outlets in Europe? If so, where? How are the selections and prices?
  5. The Gucci outlet near Florence has pretty large selection. Prices varied, since some styles were discounted more than others, but you also get the tax back.