Prices in euro?

  1. Do any of you know the price for

    1) GST
    2) Jumbo flap in Caviar
    3) Reissue in 228

  2. The GST is in Germany now, 1320€ (including the 19% Tax) and the Jumbo Caviar Flap is in Paris March 07 1650€ (including 12-13% Tax).
  3. Glamourette, super :smile: Did you buy the GST?
  4. Not yet, but I work feverful on it before the prices go up again :smile: What do you have in prospect?
  5. Hi , jumbo caviar goes for euro1650 less 16%tax... you can call the cambon branch at paris.... there no. is 00-331-42862972 look for thierry....
  6. Is the price still the same??
    Or has it gone up too?:confused1:
  7. I was wondering: are the classic flaps in Paris cheaper than elsewere in Europe? In NL the medium flap is 1600 euro. And in paris this price is for the Jumbo flap??
  8. Amy .. i don't know if they increased there prices recently but earlier this year the Jumbo flap in caviar was €1650
  9. I just got a Jumbo with Mad lock and new chain, aka the Courtney Cox bag, and paid 1910 Euro for it... in the Hamburg store.
  10. thank you for your reply ladies! In 2 weeks I am going to Paris and will have a look at their store at the Rue de la Cambon (not sure is this is the right spelling). I will keep these prices in my mind.
  11. I am going to be in Paris around August 20th
  12. is it cheaper to get a chanel in Europe?
  13. Jenna, I will be in Paris frm 16th till 19th. :rolleyes:
  14. Would anyone know how much the Expandable tote would be in Paris? TIA