prices in dubai

  1. hellloo bag-o-holics around the world..! :woohoo:

    i was just wondering if anyone knows the price of e/w, and the med/large classic flap (both caviar) in dubai? I'd really appreciate it if you could share if you know...

  2. Just think of visiting this place it cheaper to get Chanel there? Hehe....:graucho:
  3. I don't think so........
  4. Hi.
    I don't think the prices are any cheaper. The dirham is linked to the US dollar so we have about the same prices, we also don't pay tax.

    Over here the sale season has just started, and the shopping festival will start on the 24th and will last a whole month.

    Hope you enjoy your visit!
  5. Is there any Chanel boutique at Qatar? Heard from my Qatar friends that shopping is great at Dubai and they fly there almost every weekend!
  6. Even if the prices are about the same as the ones in US, it'd still be much cheaper for me..! babevivtan, are u from s'pore? how are the prices compared to the rest of the world? :smile:
  7. Hi Laira.

    Yes, I am from Singapore. From this purse forum, I understand that prices in Singapore are more expensive than those in US.

    Prices are cheapest in France, I believe.

    I would buy my Chanel from overseas such as US, Europe and HK but not Singapore as far as I can as the prices here are very high.
  8. yup yup, i get what you mean.. im from malaysia and i guess it's no different at all.. apart from the price issue, the choices are pretty limited..! well well, let's just wait and see what i can get in dubai then. :smile:
  9. Darling - i think it is more expensive in Malaysia compared to Singapore, right? Perhaps u can do a serch, I think IceEarl posted a thread on stuff she saw at KL just a few days ago or was it last week....
  10. uurrmm im not quite sure.. i sorta asked the SA the other day and she said its a tad more expensive in singapore.. (its weird tho cuz all the other brands are cheaper there) either way, after seeing all the prices in US and europe, i feel even more reluctant to buy locally!! *sigh*