prices in balny?

  1. im going to go ahead and order a city today but just before i called i just wanted to get the price. anyone know the price of the city and the first at balny?

    and i don't pay tax if i'm having it shipped out-of-state right?
  2. I think the City is $1195 and the First is $995. No tax if you're out of state! :flowers:
  3. girl- what color are you getting?
  4. this is my first bbag so i was going to go with black...but i'm hesitant bc there are so many great colors this fall!

    with colored bags though i'm not sure how much i would use them until i actually own them so i feel like it'd be risky....

    should i not get black? if not black i'm interested in the blueberry city or oxblood first...
  5. ^^^ You can never go wrong with black! I just saw a whole bunch of oxblood firsts this morning- they all were really veiny and very distressed- so if you are going to get a color make sure you describe the kind of leather you want! The work style I saw were much better looking as far as the leather goes! They didn't have any city bags in that color.
  6. ^^I second that!
  7. I think everyone's first b-bag should be a black one. Which style are you getting, city or first?
  8. I agree!:yes: My first bbag was a black city. You can always get colors later.
  9. my verrrrrrrry first bal bag was a black first from bal paris in 02.:cool:
  10. yeppers, i agree too, my 1st b-bag was my little black twiggy!!!
  11. awesome! yes i will be getting a black city. as of today the 06 black cities have still not arrived at balNY so i think i'll wait since i want the new thicker/less veiny leather.

  12. Noooooo......:smile:

    My first b-bag is a lilac. I'm all about the colour! Who needs black when there are so many beautiful b-bags to choose from!

    Ok, don't be mad all you black b-bag owners....I haven't bought any black bags in years. They look fab on all of you - I just can't do it. :smile: