prices in australia

  1. sorry i did a sear but somehow i yould not find what i was looking for.
    so my main question am i correct tha it was more expensive in aus (not only europe but also more then the us?) if so what percentage aprox?
    thanks a lot :flowers:
  2. OK, I saw a 35 Togo Birkin today, just over 10K AUD...also a Bolide in Chevre Mysore around $7500K....didn't ask the price of any Kellys.......

    My GP in TPM will be $2150 AUD..

    Let me know if you want the price of anything else, L.....
  3. Yes, I believe all Hermes bags here are much more expensive then elsewhere; this based on people on this forum buying bags for around USD$7900.

    Yesterday I went to the new Sydney store and asked how much a blue jean Paris-Bombay was (in the large size) and it was around AUD11,000.
  4. ^ that PB is STILL there today.......

    It has been there since Tuesday evening, at the opening, all the other stock has's just too large , I think.
  5. ahhhh - want prices of crocs, don't you....?!!!!

    I'll call and ask if you like, and I'm in there again Saturday...let me know!
  6. ALL the other stock has moved already??? So many lucky people!

    They had quite a few croc bags when I went in on Wednesday afternoon, too afraid to ask the price!
  7. I've listed many of them in the inventory thread....I'm still remembering some!

    In my opinion, p.croc should be cheaper here, since this is where they get it from!!:upsidedown:
  8. hahaha I just read it; that guy was pretty hot!

    Wasn't there a big blue croc Kelly?? Or maybe I am just blending 2 different bags together...
  9. ^yeah, it was least 40cm...too big for me (and not in my budget!!)...Looked like Blue Roi...
  10. It was immense wasn't it...and I'm sorry lilach for hijacking your thread but Grands Fonds do you know when the Sac en V is coming out?
  11. oohhh, no - I ADORE it, though...youknow, I'll ask Greg on Saturday....... I would say it may come with the new stock that arrives in November (Christmas Stock - yay!!)....I'll find out....

    I want the new Evelyn II in brown.....hopefully that arrives then, too!
  12. New stock in November....ok...I wonder how much the little one is...
  13. Oooh, K, what colour was that togo Birkin in??
  14. ^ rouge garance (gorgeous), but's gone......I was very close to buying it, too, but I thought it may just be a rebound purchase because I'd just missed out on the vert kelly.

    No black that they showed me (yet)...I'm going back on Saturday - youshould have SEEN the back room stock - orange boxes as far as the eye could see!!!!!! BIG ones!!!