Prices going up?

  1. I was just told by an SA that prices are going up starting in June...when was the last time LV had a price hike?
  2. Are you kidding? They just had one earlier this year!!! Outrageous!
  3. Thats too much!
  4. oh no they dont! not again!! LOL:blink: :shocked:
  5. prices of what are going up? everything?
  6. Their last price hike was the last week of Feb and I can't believe that they're going to raise it up again!! :rant: My salary doesn't even go up every 6 months!
  7. I thought it was Feb and Sept????
  8. All I know is that I was contemplating a monogram speedy and maybe a red epi wallet, and she told me that I should think about buying it before the price goes up. I asked by how much, and she said she didn't know, but perhaps 5-6%.
  9. that's insane!
  10. that is sister said in Europe start at first of June
  11. I was at LV today (didn't like the Illovo in person afterall), and the SA said it will be around 7%. WTH? I decided then and there my LV purchasing days are pretty much over, and I got a new wallet at Bally instead.
  12. you have a definite date when the prices are going up?
  13. Thanks for the info. I will run to the LV store this weekend.
  14. The SA in Chicago said 6/2.
  15. i will make sure of MY LV store and tell u ...