prices from new handbag designers...

  1. i saw this geren ford bag in another thread and totally fell in love...but when i saw the price: $998, i nearly fell out of my chair.


    then, in another forum, someone mentioned that it looks a lot like the marc by mj faridah bag:

    is it just me, or is anyone else astonished by how much "new" handbag designers are charging now? three years ago, i don't think geren ford would have priced this bag that high...and when the AC city tote first came out, the price was very reasonable, and the first chance she got, she raised the price (after the huge spike in demand). now, don't get me wrong, i am a firm believer in the laws of supply and demand, but it seems as if all reason has gone out the window with these new designers. gryson was the first one who really surprised me with their incredibly high prices for a brand new line....

    honestly, if the geren ford bag was the same price as the mj, i would be tempted to get it over the mj, i just like it more and it's a little 'edgier,' but i don't see that the $1000 price tag is i may be totally wrong, i haven't seen it irl, but i'm just sayin...

    i LOVE smaller handbag designers, and try to support them as much as possible, but i also believe there is a way to treat your customers with respect...

    just my opinion...any other thoughts? :smile:
  2. ITA!!! The only reason I got the Skye was because it was on sale.

    I wish they were more reasonable though!!

  3. Grechen,

    I'm totally with you. With all this competition you'd think that designers would be apt to price their lines with a sharper eye on the bottom line. I suppose with brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Hermes, etc. doing so well in the market, having a high price point is just another indicator of trying to create an image of luxury. Sad when the quality and the workmanship just don't warrant the price tag. Even with an LV, you're buying into a name that has a rich history attached. But these no name brands? I don't understand how they can justify it. :shrugs: But then again, I've never bought a bag that's more than $500 so maybe I'm in no position to speculate.
  4. Completely agree! I remember when MbyMJ first came out, the prices were totally reasonable (I think I spent $200 on my first bag) compared with their prices now ($400+)~! I guess what I'm trying to say is that even the brands that are famous now STARTED OUT relatively inexpensive.

    Frankly, I'm not sure how many people will buy not-so-well-known brands for the prices some of them currently charge. Not to be a bag snob or anything (although I think I might be getting there LOL), but honestly, if I'm going to spend $1000, I would rather invest in a brand that I *know* has withstood the test of time (for example, LV). Not to say that some of these new brands won't become classics, but I'd rather invest in a sure thing (can you TELL I'm not adventurous LOL?!), kwim?
  5. I totally agree. The MbyMJ that the geren is ripping off is only $435 (something like that, pennies up or down) and you say the ripoff is TWICE AS MUCH!!!! That's crazy!!
  6. ITA!!! I have been thinking about this a lot. I just won't buy these bags at all. The prices are ridiculous, and I feel like the consumer is just being priced-gouged! I'm not buying anything for 1000+ unless it was Tods or LV or something. Maybe not even those. I wonder it this will continue!
  7. of course you can speculate :smile: i have only spent $1000+ twice, and looking back, i wouldn't do it again...but most of all, i hate to see new designers price themselves out like this - i can't even remember how many designers over the last three years have all but disappeared because they didn't keep their LOYAL customers happy and respect their early buyers (indeed the ones that 'made' them in the first place). i also understand that pricing is tricky...but $1000 for a first line??
  8. Wow, I really like these handbags, but I agree that the pricing is RIDCULOUS! I would almost make a point of NOT buying as I feel they are trying to pull a fast one by the consumer who is caught up in the age of handbags. I understand that the smaller designers would like to make something back, but they are really limiting the customer base when they should try to reach as many people as possible as they are just getting started. I guess I will just watch these bags and wait for them to go on major sale.
  9. Oh yes!
    I noticed that too! - other brands that I feel were too overpriced (as much as I love them) are Gryson, Gustto, Moni Moni, and even Kooba at times

    Its like there is this sudden jump in pricing for these - i guess, mid-range brands? I am sure their quality is great but they are charging for the same price as any established designer...

    I love small designers because they usually were able to give me something different and I would like to support them whenever I can, and I would be so happy to see them thrive after a few years, but how can I support things like this? - like I mean if I were to spend $1000+ for a up and coming designer (and we don't know if they will be around in a few years either) - I rather pay another few hundred bucks and buy something more established - like LV, Gucci, Bal, Burberry, etc...
  10. It's almost funny isn't it? I remember my first Gucci handbag (in high school) was around $300 and yes it was authentic. I looked at one last weekend and it was $1750. Why? That's why I try to ONLY buy on sale, some bags that never go on sale is a different story because you know that they hold onto their value but a new handbag's a risk. Unless of course you just absolutely have to have that bag and price isn't an object. I do however attempt to make smart buys (most of the time, anyway).
  11. I notice that the first bag that you comment on is the Geren Ford. I have seen their bags before and they are gorgeous, plus the leather is from the same Italian manufacturer as Botegga Veneta. $1000 seems a lot cheaper than $3000 if you are realizing the very high quality of the leather. I would rather get the Geren than the MJ as MJ leather isn't exactly that great. Sometimes, price does have to do with quality, not the brand name.
  12. ita that price has to do with quality...not brand name. the point i was trying to make was that i believe they need to establish themselves a bit more to "justify" charging $1000 for a bag. i KNOW marc by mj and feel comfortable that for $441 i'm getting a $441 worth bag. i'm not sure of the long-term quality of geren ford bags, therefore, i'm not sure i'm getting $1000 quality for that bag. kwim?
  13. I don't see a thing wrong with paying 1000+ for LV, Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, etc. These are long standing companies who have been proven to make a quality product. This new designer is an unproven entity. I could buy the bag for $998, and it could start falling apart on me. I think most people would be more attracted to an unfamiliar name if the price was right.
  14. It would be interesting to know how much bags actually cost to make for some of these brands and what the markup is.

    For example - a brand that I have fallen in love with:
    Belen Enchandia.

    Their purses are gorgeous. I've never heard of this brand until yesterday, but it costs apx. $800. Is it really worth that amount? Seems a lot to pay for a bag without any brand recognition. But perhaps it's a great deal. Who knows? Maybe it's made in a factory that also manufactures Bottegas too. I've never seen one irl. I'd LOVE to though! :drool:
  15. I remember being stunned by two new guys out of N.Y. (a few years back) - the bag I loved (and bought) was about 950.00 and at that time BE&D was not exactly a household name!!!!!!!