Prices for Vail Blanket Line?

  1. Does anyone know the prices of the new Vail blanket pieces (sirius, cruiser, tote)? And has anyone seen these in store? Thanks! :flowers:

    btw, they're under the men's luggage + breifcases & bags sections
  2. ^There were a couple peices on ELUX this AM..see if they are still there...
  3. Yeah they've been on elux. They have them in my store and they're pretty different. The material is actually kind of scratchy though, IMO.
  4. I think it's made of cashmere
  5. They're a combination of wool and cashmere..the wool makes it a lot scratchier.
  6. Oh..the ones that are on elux are these (prices are in US$):
    Cabas- $1780
    Sirius- $2670
  7. I love the cabas
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