Prices for Monogram Shawl and MC Wapity in US and AUS?

  1. Hi there, im planning to buy a Monogram Shawl and Black MC WApity, i just checked the price with Vietnam store, its $430 for the shawl and $380 for the wapity. I just cross check with the price on LV site and apparently VN price is so much more expensive.. So can someone in Aus or US please tell me how much they are over there so i can ask my friend to buy for me. Thanks heaps.
  2. For the monogram shawl, it was about AU$500 2 years ago. Prob with the price increase, might be $600 now?
  3. wapity is US$335 and monogram shawl is US$380
  4. Thanks heaps....
    Gosh so in Vn its $50 more expensive .. And our income are like 10 times lower that yours over there...........So unfair :cursing:
    Anyone from Aus please help too..............:heart:
  5. Thanks :heart: