Prices for Hermes belts

  1. I'm so tempted by the Hermes croc belts lately, any one know how much they are?
  2. I saw an Idem 85cm in NYC Friday for $2100.
  3. Love them! Would tempt me as well!!!
  4. hum... 2 or 3 of those can get you a Birkin or Kelly :amazed:
    85cm, that's really long, must be the style that loops around twice I think. Those are really gorgeous though :love:
  5. Nope, double toure belts are around 140 and up.
  6. if you can get that belt twice around you you must have a waist of 42.5 cm that is less then scarlett o´hara :lol:
    the 85 cm fits perfectly on lowrise jeans so that it is on your hips ;)
  7. ok ok, my bad my bad :shame: i think i was thinking inches and didn't pay attention to the unit there. I gotta go to my backyard and dig a hole in the ground now...
  8. I have a H belt in fuchsia porosus croc and matte palladium H closure. It was 2250 Swiss Francs (roughly 1900 US) at the shop a couple of months ago.
  9. Hi Hermes Expert,

    anybody know how much the idem belts in Hong Kong ?