Prices for Chanel Wallets

  1. I am very new to Chanel. I love their makeup. I am considering purchasing a Chanel Wallet from the Chanel Boutique in downtown Toronto on Bloor Street. I have not been there yet but can anyone please let me approximately how much Chanel Wallets cost? The price range? Thank you!
  2. I haven't bought a wallet in a few years, but from what I know, the cheapest ones (which are also the plainest) are around $500 and the prices go up from there.
  3. the ones I see that I like are around $650, but those are the long wallets.
  4. Thank you! It's so confusing because I was reading some threads on here and some people said they got them for around $300. Maybe those were resold by people.
  5. resold or may be older discontinued styles, or even the small ones. I think the small are called French wallets{?}
  6. Thank you. So basically the long ones start around $500.
  7. fyi: canadian prices for wallets range from 475 - 750 generally.
  8. I noticed a different idea about wallet we have in Italy from you and I think it's the reason why you call some kind of wallet "french wallet". I mean this: I usually wear (and all people I know does too) what you call french wallet because we never bring with us checkbox, they are not so popular or anyway people who use them just have a separeted case.
    That's why our ideal wallet is not so long, we just need to put inside the coins, the papers (of money obviously LOL) and the credit cards, stop.
    I think that the wallet that costed 300 US dollars is the one that can keep only the coins. I think it was a wallet in the style of 2.55 and I saw it in a post, but I can't remeber exactly which one it was... sorry.
    Gosh sorry for my goofy English, I hope you get what I meant the same :confused1:
  9. I was just at Chanel yesterday, and a smallish wallet that was a small French Purse style was about $475. I ended up getting the long wallet from the PNY collection, and it was $675.
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