Prices for 2007 Classic Flaps

  1. I would like to start a official list (unless its available already?) because I'm completely confused about the pricing now and I don't want to run into the store inquiring about this price hike!

    East/West Caviar was $1095 NOW: $1325 USD
    Med Classic Flap Caviar was $1595 NOW: $1995 USD (thanks spylove)
    Jumbo Classic Flap was $1695 NOW: $2250 USD

    Petite Shoppers?
    Small Flap?

    >Canadian Prices?
    >AUD Prices?
    Any info would be awesome girls! Thanks! :yahoo:
  2. Classic (medium/large) caviar flap was $1595 now is $1995 (US)
  3. I am curious about the price of the GST also since I was told by my SA that it was not going up in price.
  4. I saw in another thread the petit shopper is now $1395.00.....:push:

    :heart: Emmy
  5. E/W Caviar: $1095 -> $1325
    E/W Lambskin: $1125 -> $1550

    Small Caviar: $1495 -> $1795
    Small Lambskin: $1650 -> $1950

    Medium Caviar: $1595 -> $1995
    Medium Lambskin: $1750 -> $2150

    Jumbo Caviar: $1695 -> $2250
    Jumbo Lamskin:
  6. GST

    Saks told me the price has not increased on the GST yet but also that there was another possible price increase on April 1st...hope that's not true!

    Chanel boutique told me that it is 1750.
  7. Glad someone started this thread. I had been wondering how much everything was now.:confused1:
  8. (from Chanel boutique)
    Petite Shopping Tote Caviar: $1095 -> $1150
    Grande Shopping Tote Caviar: $1650 -> $1750
    Medallion Tote: $1650 -> $1750
  9. Aww man, another increase :crybaby:

    I'd better make a list of exactly what I want from now. Who knows how much they'll increase the price in April.
    Everyone I've called says the GST isn't going up in price or they'll say it's only going up $100. I wonder what the real deal is.

  10. I got one from Saks today, at the old price. I keep hearing that the price for the GST is going up, but I just cant get an accurate price that its going up by. I have heard it will increase by $100 and I have also heard $555. I dont know what to believe anymore!
  11. Wow, they did make huge increases. I thought only a $100 for each bag. What an unpleasant surprise.
  12. wow, that would be better than what i heard at least...when i called "chanel" today, they told me the e/w caviar went up to $1395 & the e/w lambskin went up to around $1595 (?) :shrugs:
  13. When was the med. classic flap caviar $1595?! I got mine less than a year ago for $1475!
  14. wow, so they raised the prices 2x in 1 year (?) :confused1:...i just bought my medium black caviar classic flap on 1/31 for $1595 + tax!!!...on 2/1 the price @ "chanel" & "saks" went up to over $2K with the 28-32% price increase :sweatdrop:
  15. My SA at the Chicago boutique asid the GST is now $1750 BUT it will be increasing again in May to bring the price up to an "optimum" get it now if anyone wants it...