prices at paris

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  1. hey, guys. anyone knows how much the price range for a men's day bag at paris? is it cheaper compared to buying it in the united states?
  2. Just for comparison for you, I bought an oval clutch at NM for $695, and then I also bought on at Paris Bal boutique which was 475 Euros, which with the crazy exchange rate at the time (1.36) came to $645. So unless you are there, to me at least it doesnt seem worth the trouble unless you already work with Euros or they have something you want. Hope this helps. If the poor dollar would even out just a little with the Euro, it would be a whole different story!
  3. hey, thanks for the info! thats kinda helpful to know. coz i actually plan to go to paris this summer, so while i am there i just want to make sure if prices are cheaper or what. well, with the tax refund, the difference could be slightly bigger. thanks again!
  4. yeah if you are there already, definitely its cheaper in Paris! Especially with the tax refund! Definitely make it a priority when you are there.

    When I bought my first Bbag, it was in Europe when the euro first came out, 2002, and I bought a first which cost me $700 I think, thats how great the excgange rate was!