Prices are crazy

  1. So I was looking around on eBay for a PCE card and I found one for a whopping BIN of $50. Out of Control.

    Disclaimer: I understand some of you all have this free market thing, but this is akin to scalping.
  2. Well, I guess it depends on how much you are planning on spending. My little sister bought one for $25, between both of my sisters, myself, and two sisters-in-law we're spending close to $4000 before the discount...that $25 purchase is saving us $1000, so I think it's a pretty good return on investment.

    And I'm betting it's the only time we'll ever have to buy a PCE card!
  3. Well I agree, but I just find it amazing that most of them are right around 14 while this chick goes for 50! It's just crazy.
  4. EXACTLY!!!!!!!! BUT if she gets $50, more power to her!!!!! LOLOLOLOL.....
  5. i know that it's wrong but i bet someone will buy it. if i was making a big purchase and didn't know ways to get around it, i may have bought it. and the benefit of BIN is getting it sooner rather than waiting for an autction to end.KWIM?
  6. that is crazy in my opinion. $15, maybe, but it really depends on how much you buy
  7. I saw one the other day for like $80 I think....
  8. $80?!?!?!?!!!?!?!? >insert dirty kathy comment<
  9. i don't think it's wrong if you look at it in an economics perspective.. people are willing to pay the marginal cost for the marginal benefit! i attribute this to concert tickets too, E.g. i'm completely willing to pay $200 for a ticket that retails for only $20 in order to see my favorite band.
  10. omg, i just went on eBay because i had no idea that people sold their PCEs there. but apparently they do! there's 2 pages worth of auctions for PCE coupons. wow!

    btw, the PCE isn't redeemable on bleeker stuff. i was shocked to read that part. but the bleeker is the newest line, so i guess that makes sense. it's ok for me, because i want a hamptons, not a bleeker. but i know a lot of women have been waiting for the bleeker collection.
  11. Do the stores have extra coupons? A new store is opening nearby, just wondering if it's worth it to go in and try and get a coupon :p I just bought a Optic Satchel last week, boy I could've saved $100 :wtf: with this coupon. I do need the matching wallet still :nogood:
  12. wow. let's hope no one here buys one! i've never run into an sa who wasn't willing to give it to me, even the times i didn't have the coupon.
  13. Thats insane...
  14. Geez. I want the PCE discount SO FRIGGIN bad but 50 bucks? Mehh.... Good luck, lady. =P
  15. I was wasn't $ was $99.99, plus $3 shipping.