Prices after VTA....

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  1. Hi to all my purse forum peeps,

    We are going to Paris this summer, I am wondering after VTA refunds, are there big price differences between Europe and US? And if yes, by what percentage? Especially for Cartier, VCA, and Bvlgari. Please advise. Thanks. :smile:

    If I can get some inputs on the handbags as well that will be great! I know Hermes and LVs are much less than here after the VTA. What about Chanel? I know it has price adjustments (Harmonizing global prices) since last year. Is still less after the VTA in Paris or pretty much the same?

    Really hope to hear from your inputs. Thanks again.
  2. check the global tax refund webpage. there you can enter the price and the country where you bought the item.

    An example:
    Chanel Boy New Medium: CHF 4450 (around USD 4550) so you are already saving USD 650 without even detaxing. The VAT is only 8% in Switzerland, but nevertheless you get around 250 CHF (255 USD) back. So you save around 900 USD. Germany, Italy, France all have VAT of around 20%, so the saving is even bigger! HTH
  3. Thanks I will check the website out....