priceless H moment

  1. size:35
    color: gold
    leather: togo
    hw: ph

    Hugging my SA at H when she surprised me with my dram bag: Priceless :yahoo:

    Yes I actually hug my SA when she showed me the bag.

    question: I opened my rain coat and looked like there are two in there. Is it suppose to be two or am i suppose to use both of them?
  2. Fabulous! Lovely! Congratulations! It's a big sister to my 30cm Togo with pall h/w!

    Yes, there are 2 raincoats. One to be placed inside your Birkin for that rainy moment, and the other spare to be left at home.
  3. Drooooooolllll!!!!
  4. Wow, wow...gorgeous! :drool:
  5. Just beautiful.
    :yes: :heart: :yes:
  6. Congratulations! I'm so glad you waited for your dream bag---I LOVE it!
  7. YAAY!!!!! It's so gorgeous, CXYVR!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wear her often and in good health!!!!!!
  8. Thank you for telling me to hold out last week. I never thought it will come but you gave me hope and it happened:yahoo:

    Dreams can come true
  9. Wow- it's gorgeous!!!
  10. Droooooool is right!! o gad...:drool:
  11. Gorgeous Birkin...that would be my choice too!! :yahoo:
  12. Congratulations! Beautiful bag!
  13. OH!! pretty!!
  14. Congratulations! She is a beauty!
  15. what a beauty! congrats!
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