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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew the original retail price for this bag? Does anyone else have one? Or a similar one with the studs? Post photos if you do and let me know how much you paid for it and when.

    :smile: Thanks ladies! :smile:
  2. Might be good if I put up a photo...
  3. You didn't post a photo. Don't know what purse you are talking about.
  4. Here it is.
    studded gucci.JPG
  5. I adore this bag! Don't have it though. It is $1040 and on Gucci's site under Classics - they show it in brown Guccissima leather. It is my absolute favorite, but unfortunately my husband would kill me if I spent $1000 on a purse. They call it the Pelham Medium Shoulder bag. The style is 153691 FAFMG.
  6. Thanks, MaxCat. I am getting it for USD $550!!!

    :yahoo:BARGAIN!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    I was just checking to see how close to retail I was paying. Can't wait to get it! Thanks again.
  7. Oh then again you stated the price for the Guccissima leather. The price for the canvas would probably be cheaper.
  8. yeah ann's fabulous find had it for cheap!! Glad you got it!
  9. Yeah that's where I'm getting it from. I can't wait! Making payment tomorrow. I'll post photos when I get it. Tempted to get matching shoes as well... hehe.
  10. ^ congrats! :yahoo:
  11. Actually, $1040 is the price for the canvas. So...where are you getting it? That's an awesome deal; I must admit I am soooo jealous!

    Good Job.