1. Hi girls! :P

    I would like to know how much a jumbo caviar classic flap costs. And does the jumbo in beige colour comes with gold hardware? A SA told me it only comes with silver? :confused1:

    Oh and if anyone has pictures of jumbo flaps, please post them in here! :love:

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. i just left chanel and the classic jumbo flaps in caviar black are now 1695.00
  3. thanks girls! does the beige caviar come with gold hardware?
  4. yes it did come in gold hw, but if they are doing the silver, maybe you can still find the gold hw....
  5. I have the Jumbo beige with gold h/w. I bought it several years ago before the price increase. It's one of the bags I cannot decide to keep or part with as I have the same color bag in the Medallion tote AND the Grand Shopper. I think I have beige/gold covered, you think? LOL

    Oops, forgot the price but three years ago they were around 1200.00. I just saw that they are 1695 now. Wow.
  6. I just went to Chanel SF during lunch and I ordered the black lambskin and the Purple Jumbo size. $1695 it is.
  7. thanks girls! Wait..does that mean chanel only produces jumbo beige caviar with silver hardware and not gold anymore?
  8. I think I saw the beige caviar with gold hardware in the stockroom in Neiman today but I'm not 100% sure. I can take a look tommorrow.
  9. Here is mine;)
    照片 913b.jpg
  10. thanks so much chrissie! i've been to neiman at union sq before. service's good =)

    cheesecake- that's not beige right?
  11. Is the jumbo black lambskin available? I saw the purple yesterday and it's GORGEOUS!:drool:
  12. No Jumbo Black lambskin :sad: . I saw the PURPLE ONE TOOOOO. But I want a CLASSIC bag. I already have the east west in purple. :shrugs:
  13. Really? I swear I saw a client trying on a jumbo black lambskin just the other day. I should check on that...
  14. It is beige:yes: