1. Hey everyone. This is my first post for Gucci. I just bought my first Gucci today at the store, but when I came home and looked online, I noticed that the price is cheaper - $455 instead of $495. I got the rose and gold bag that goes around the waist. Do you think they would reimburse me the difference? Otherwise I'd have to go return the bag, order the same one online and wait for it to be delivered to me.
  2. What size did you get? The one online is the mini belt bag.
  3. Hmm, you're right. The one I got looks larger. Thanks!
  4. Yes Emald37 - notice anything - and has always right - I like her :love:
  5. wasabi, you're welcome! I love the color combo of that one!

    queen.asli, thanks, you're so sweet! :shame: :heart: