Price vs. Practicality

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  1. Practicality is an important factor in our choices of bags and such, but has there been an instance where you purchased a bag solely for aesthetics?

    I'd always adored the Monogram Canvas Steamer, and once the Macassar range introduced the steamer, I fell in love all over again. $4000+ for something I truly love is worth it, but I can just see it sitting in my closet, not getting used.

    So, any impractical bags you guys have ever purchased and why? Or simply put, have you bought any bag that you knew that you would never ever take out?
  2. i use all my Lv's. I love them to much to just let them collect dust. i use some more than others but they all get used and loved.

    Do you travel??? or stay overnight??? if so you can get use out of the steamer. The steamer is stunning and i have always loved it in mono but if i was not going to use it i would not buy it. The first thing i do when i get a new LV is want to take it out and it would be so sad to just let it sit without any adventure. JMHO
  3. I do travel, but its use will probably be limited to that, so maybe it may get about one or two weeks usage a year max... Justified purchase?
  4. i dont think so:nogood: thats one expensive piece of luggage.. think of how many fabulous bags and accessories you can get for the price of the steamer, that you CAN use all the time!;)

  5. ^^I agree.
  6. I use all my bags!
  7. I'm one who really USES my bags. I don't have bags for 'special occasions', if I buy it, I intend to wear it a lot. Therefore, its alway practicality first, for me.
  8. I've always wanted an LV steamer, but I would use it as decor.

    Maybe you could do that? That way it would be seen and loved every day!
  9. the time doesnt roll around too aften that i can get a new bag im posetively in lvoe when i purchase
  10. I use all my bags and I've never really bought a purse/SLG just to look at it, so to speak. One piece that I have which may be considered that way is my Pomme ZCP, but it's in use all the time, so I'm not sure if that counts. LOL
  11. to be honest, i consider aesthetics more than practicality. it just happens that most bags i consider beautiful are practical as well.
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    I use all of my bags. I consider them equally important. They have to look good on me and be practical. I am not in the financial position to buy bags just to admire them...that would be my goal though for the future. :P
  13. I love their luggage, but the cost... not so much. If you don't travel at all, there is no point in spending that much (although it is a great collectible!). I personally don't think I would ever use any expensive luggage in traveling because 1) airports aren't the safest sometimes... baggage claims especially. 2) the luggage gets very dinged up. if you're putting a lot in the luggage, the heavier it will be, the heavier to carry around, the more often you're going to drop it down to relieve yourself form the weight.

    I'd say as a collectible the luggage is great, and if you have the money, go for it... but for traveling... if you really want to be carefree and not worry about getting your $4000 suitcase ruined, I would say it's not a wise choice.
  14. ITA with roxy!
  15. It's way to expensive for me, but I would but it if I could find it second hand. If you love it, can afford it GO FOR IT!