price to replace tabs and handle on speedy?

  1. anyone know what's the approx price?
  2. I am reviving this thread as I am very curious to know too. TIA!
  3. I would think at least $150.

    I believe one member here had everything replaced (piping, tab, handles, etc) and it cost...around $200??
  4. Thanks Karman. :heart:
  5. I actually think it's closer to $300 to replace all the vachetta on a speedy but I'd need someone else to confirm to be sure? :confused1:
  6. Thanks for replying! In that case, I'd rather buy a new Speedy then :yes:
  7. I am having the handles replaced on my neo speedy - $75 for each handle.
  8. yeah i thought it was close to $300 as well. you could always try to get a cheap one on eBay thats handles are gross...get it for like $100 or less (but thats tough) and then get the handles done and itll be like having a new one for like $400 as long as the canvas is in good condition and the inside is good as well....but yeah...i guess its easier to just buy a brand new one.
  9. I was told $300 AUD. At that price I might as well buy a new one!
  10. I would ask around different stores. There seems to be a hefty discrepency depending on the SA or store you talk to. Some people on tPF have had everything (all the leather) replaced on their speedy for $200-something, others $300-something, and some for $400-something.
  11. I took my perforated speedy not too long ago, and they estimated around $145, so not too bad!