price tag on this??

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  1. I recently saw a picture of Hilary Duff and she had this in the hands..i fell in love,but i never saw this at a Chanel boutique before,does anybody know if they still sell this and if soo how much?

  2. i have the pochette,classic flap in small, it was 995, i think this was around 648 ...
  3. great find =]
  4. maybe you can still find it, it came in white, black, lt blue , and thats all the colors i saw
  5. oh but when i saw it in hilary's hands it was white tiny..smaller then the louis vuitton pochette..i think im gonna pass :sad:
  6. well the one you want ^^up there is a clutch/wallet - around 648?

    lol i was saying the one i had is a classic flap, with a chain, it was 995

    sorry if i said it wrong.. are you 15 too?!? yes! another 15 yr old
  7. heres mine :graucho: :graucho: :heart:
  8. I like this.
    Is it a purse or wallet or can it be used for both. Where can I get it from ??
    I love it.
  9. yeah im 15 .is that good or bad?
  10. im 15 too, so its a good thing lol, i need more people my age around here, even though these ladies are lovely, sometimes i feel leftout, like kids or marriage....

    addison, it can be a bag or wallet, the chains (like most chanels) are removable