price reference?

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  1. hey girls, theres this person who wants to sell me a brand new with tags original print stellina, and asked me how much would i be willing to pay. it doesnt have the qee, but its a discontinued print... so is 120 okay? i really cant put random prices on stuff! :wtf:

    btw, lindsey emailed me saying she will let me know if/when will pirata be available at the outlets, cause she hasnt recieved info about it yet.. in case you wondered.
  2. hahahaha ive seen that, im a member of the Lj community and created an alternate community too, but since its like a RARE print...lmao. youre evil just as me! i mailed the seller like "well.. it doesnt have a qee...and that is pricey on maybe 120, think about a fair price for you and FOR ME!". hehehe

    thanks for the help! xoxoxo:greengrin: