Price reference of LV everywhere in the world

  1. Rather than having several threads asking about which country is cheaper, (we all know it´s FRANCE :p ) could we have 1 reference thread comparing the prices on these 2 items for example ?? And everyone fills in what he/she knows from his/her own country ! and can add other LV items if they wish to !

    I´ll start :

    Speedy mono 30 : 415 € = 537 US $
    Vernis Clés : 135 € = 175 US $
  2. USA
    Speedy mono 30: $620
    Vernis cles: $200
  3. Australia (prices inclusive of GST 10%)

    Speedy 25 AUD$825
    Speedy 30 AUD$875
    Vernis Cles AUD$285
    Damier Azur Pochette AUD$410
    Antigua Cabas MM AUD$985
    Antigua Cabas PM AUD$775
    Mono Deauville AUD$1,500
    Mono Trouville AUD$1,240
    MC Speedy AUD$2,560
    MC pochette AUD$810
    Current Season Ballet Flats AUD$810
    Bubble Earrings (2 pairs) AUD$370
    Inclusion Bracelet AUD$365
    Tobago Carryall AUD$2860
    Perfo Speedy 30 AUD$1890
    Mono Charms Pochette Cles $505
    Multicolour Pastille Key Chain Extender $535
    Cerise Items (RRP prices at 2005)
    Porte monnaie Rond AUD$390
    Porte Cles AUD$305
    Speedy 25 AUD$1580
    Pochette AUD$570
  4. Some prices may be a bit off, but as you can see, Australia is Really expensive
  5. Just to have a common frame of reference, the Australian prices translate into US Dollars like this:

    Speedy 30 AUD$875 = $675
    Vernis Cles AUD$285 = $220
  6. Is it cheaper to order from another country and have it shipped? How does that work? (please excuse my ignorance when it comes to all this!)
  7. Dubai...
    (Bracelet) Koala Nomad Noi..................960Dhms = 263$US
    (Pin Kit) Kit Pins Etoile de Neig............1300dhms = 356$US
    (Money Clip) Pin.A B. .........................410dhms = 112$US
  8. Australia (prices inclusive of GST 10%) Continued:

    Monogram Canvas
    Excursion (shoe bag) AUS$900
    Alma AUD$1220
    Ellipse Petit AUS$1330
    Popincourt AUS$1160
    Vavin PM AUS$1130
    Batignolles Horizontal AUS$1170
    Batignolles Vertical AUS$1170
    Batignolles AUS$1000
    Pochette AUS$595
    Pochette Florentine AUS$295
    Trocadero 27 AUS$1250
    Zipped Compact Wallet $685

    Riviera AUS$1850
    Mandara GM AUS$2270
    Mandara MM AUS$1860
    Mandara PM AUS$1310
    Bucket PM AUS$1600
    Speedy 25 AUS$1270
    Alma AUS$1490
    Mabillon AUS$1590
  9. I'll have to visit the boutique to get the prices from Canada.
  10. Italy

    Speedy mono/damier 25 420 €
    Speedy mono/damier 30 435 €
    Passy PM 840 €
    Bucket mini lin 675 €
    Compact zipped mono/damier 325 €
    Porte clés 4 110 €
    Mono Koala 410 €
    Pochette accessories 190 €
    Pochette cosmetique 165 €
    Batignolles regular 500 €

    i don't remember anything else ahah i'm gonna add later
  11. this is a GREAT reference
  12. By any chance does anyone know the prices for Holland, Belgium, or Germany?
  13. Canada

    Using today's exchange rate

    Vernis Cles = $215 CAD = $180 USD
    Speedy 30 = ?? Sorry, don't know...I THINK $695 CAD? = $579
  14. Canada(Tax exclusive)

    Speedy 25: CAD$640 = USD$540
    Mono/Damier Cles: CAD$160 = USD$135
    Lockit Horizontal: CAD$1050 = USD$887
    Spontini: CAD$710 = USD$600