Price reduction on many styles....

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  1. Received this note from Joanna, knew something was coming, but wanted to wait until they compiled a list. No pix as that would be very time consuming but google the model numbers and you will come up w/ pix of bag.

    These are just some of the major groups, others include a few Nappa Antiques, Vitello Shine, some Nappa Aviator ad Tessuto groups. Hopefully my descriptions are understandable!

    Nappa Gaufre
    BN1336 (tall E/W): old price $2055 to new price $1495
    BN1407 (E/W): $1875 to $1495
    BR4037 (large tote with double chain handles): $1630 to $1315
    BR4050 (small chain shoulder bag with flap closure): $1280 to $1165
    1M1132 (long wallet with flap closure): $425 to $420

    Tessuto Gaufre
    BN1336: $1075 to $985
    BN1407: $1020 to $915
    BR4037: $1155 to $1055

    Soft Calf
    BR3789 (large hobo with side pockets silver HW): $1185 to $1075
    BR3795 (small hobo with zip top silver HW): $1115 to $955
    BR3974 (tote shopper bag silver HW): $1315 to $1200
    BR3975 (large hobo with open top silver HW): $1245 to $1135
    BR4180 (large hobo with zip top silver HW): $1155 to $1055
    BR4223 (large hobo with ruched top, double shoulder straps gold HW): $1455 to $1325
    BR4224 (small hobo with ruched top, single shoulder strap gold HW): $1245 to $1135

    Cervo Antik
    BN1773 (small satchel with ruched top, messenger strap): $1280 to $1185
    BR4083 (large shopper hobo with double straps): $1630 to $1315
  2. Hmm, I'm not surprised.

    I got a call from a Saks SA about upcoming price reductions on several new styles and classics. No details yet. I've heard that major designers are reducing their prices or adjusting as they call it.

    Not sure about Chanel though. I haven't kept up with Chanel's mind boggling price increases but I thought another was due?

    Anyways, it's interesting that the tall e/w gaufre is not the same price as the regular e/w satchel. The regular is just so lovely and a huge favorite so am not surprised that the price reduction is not as much.

    However, what about customers who recently purchased the following items at the old price?

    Longchamp, thanks for posting!!!
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    Thanks for posting!

    I just read linpaddy's post. I had already sent an email to Joanna, but didn't realize these bags are part of the new styles and that the "adjustments" are by the designers. Still, we can't help wanting a better deal!
  4. Yes, designers are now being 'asked' to readjust their prices by their vendors. I also do think that designers themselves are re-evaluating their price points.

    The handbag industry is HUGE. Bags, shoes, and accessories are huge money makers for designers. The profit margins on them are very high.

    Previously, you could tack a couple of increases a year and consumers would buy despite their complaints. Case in point Chanel and LV.

    This doesn't mean that the big marquee names are going to severely discount their classics. We should count ourselves lucky if LV and Chanel prices stay consistent. :graucho:

    But it make a lot of business sense to adjust the prices of seasonal or new merchandise. Money is tight and consumers are cautious about their spending.

    Case in point: DH said no new purchases even with lower prices.
  5. Thanks you Longchamp!!

    I guess it is a sign of the times...I bought the Talco Cervo hobo two months ago for $1680..not it is $1315....

    I have to say I commend Prada caring about their customers and responding to this crazy economy!!

    LV did some price changes too...some styles went up and others went down.
  6. Oh no.... I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. I'm so tempted to call Joanna now...
  7. I agree. I don't know if this is good or bad.
  8. ^ thanks for posting Longchamp! ITA with the above postings. i spent too much money during the sales last month. and now that the sales is coming to an end, i'm having a withdrawal... now i "almost" have to have at least one/two fall bags soon... oh my... i don't know what to do.... :wacko:
  9. Thanks Longchamp! Luckily I am out of town and cannot "hide" my shopping from the purse police!! LOL...Something has to stop me!!!
  10. For me this is good, I mean some of the bags I like in Prada seem a bit more attainable now and I can only be happy about that.
  11. Thansk for the heads-up! When does it take effect? Starting with the 09 fall collection? Thanks
  12. right now, started already.
  13. wow I think this is good...I wish they did the same with Miu Miu!
  14. This is unheard of !!!!! I only remember seeing prices go up up up !!! The new prices seems to be more user friendly now!!!!!
    Any price reduction on this nappa gauffre tote BR 4247?? I am hoping

  15. I believe miu miu had much better sales last season hence no price reduction for fall.