Price Rationalization, bags vs costume jewelry vs RTW

Red Velvet

Jul 22, 2008
I think the modern Chanel costume jewelry is a rip off for the price you pay. Rhinestones and beads are glued on and fall off. The ends of tassles are finished in an amateur fashion with findings that can be bought at a bead store. I know I have examined them and will never buy them. However I am in love with the vintage costume gold plated Chanel jewelry of the 80s and 90s. Superb quality. You can feel the difference and see the workmanship. It's expensive and hard to find but it's worth it. I have to wonder how this happened? I guess over the years the luxury companys are cutting corners and hope we don't notice...They just don't make them like they used too.


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Aug 4, 2006
I don't mind purchasing and own two or three chanel custom jewelry earrings, or one necklace. just for fun.. but to collect them.. definitely NO! i rather purchase bags. i think its a better investment in long run..
so far i only own 2 chanel rtw jackets. and they are black, i think they are classic, and 2 are more than enough for me. ;)


Dec 25, 2009
Im just looking at the first post and it refers to $3000 for a bag?!!! And that price by todays standards is so low also for RTW and jewelry. This absolutely is relevant today in terms of cost vs value on luxury goods.
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Jan 12, 2006
On topic, I think anyone can justify any purchase they really want lol
Do I “NEED” a Chanel bag? Nope, but I can afford them and they’re my favorite and I truly use them so I find the worth.
I can’t justify spending lots on costume jewelry, it’s not my thing, same with clothes. I spend most on 1st fine jewelry, 2nd handbags and 3rd shoes. All of which fit me no matter what lol
Obvs not including my car… which we figured a way out to justify that choice too lol


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Aug 31, 2008
Im just looking at the first post and it refers to $3000 for a bag?!!! And that price by todays standards is so low also for RTW and jewelry. This absolutely is relevant today in terms of cost vs value on luxury goods.

Agree re the importance of the issue of cost versus value on luxury goods, thanks

I’m trying to remember if chanel pegged the bag price to a piece of RTW in 2009. I believe a jacket was still significantly more expensive. . . There were also years when chanel issued a separate RTW piece, one with Lesage, which was triple the price, and a less expensive one. (In 2002, my girlfriend at the time bought the more expensive skirt with Lesage at the hem for 2400, and I bought the cheaper one at 800USD). we must have been carrying chanel bags, but I cannot remember which one or the price.

But, my mind is a sieve, and I cannot even remember when bags broke the 1K USD barrier, and of course, I bought them before and after.

@Swanky , not sure if back then, the respondents to the thread were weighing the best value for the budget if they could only buy one And/or which would last longer. . . Of course, we can rationalize anything. Years ago, I remember balking when DH wanted to buy a pricy mattress. I on,y gave in bc he pointed out a bed is the most used piece of furniture lol. Cost per wear lol
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Jul 26, 2013
I can no longer really justify the price of bags these days. I think 4k is my limit now, which does restrict which bags I can purchase, but as of now, there are still enough designer bags in that range. But I really need to obsess to justify even that price. What is even more concerning is the price of luxury shoes, which are now averaging to be about 1k a pair. I think that’s just nuts. I stopped buying Chanel bags but I was okay with their shoes for a while. Now I question shoe prices too. Honestly the only thing that is still worth it to me is fine jewelry.


VCA bb
May 5, 2010
How do you define value? It’s all unexplainable and specific to each person. My first love was diamonds and everyone knows the “resale” value of diamonds is abysmal. I could not justify it. I was just obsessed, thus it had value to me. VCA uses semi-precious stones in their most popular collection so how can you justify those prices? However I love my onyx and chalcedony pieces and don’t regret the prices/premium I paid. Diamond melee are not the expensive so how do you justify $23k for a pave bangle? (Design, workmanship, extremely high quality melee, and I simply can’t find anything comparable in my estimation. My justification to myself). I’m new to Chanel, never paid attention to the brand. (Long story) I have been following fascinating threads from long time Chanel connoisseurs who are commenting (justifiably) about the diminishing quality of Chanel and ironically it’s Chanel and Hermes that have the highest resale values. So even though the bag I bought and kept is the most expensive bag I ever bought, it is the one that may have the best resale value (% of recovery) of all my luxury pieces. Strange world. No explaining it. (Sorry, just saw the thread title was costume jewelry. I included fine jewelry.)
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Apr 17, 2015
I prefer to purchase quality over quantity. I purchase a few things each season depending on what I love, what trends I like, what needs I feel are lacking in my closet. I have never been into diamonds so fine jewelry is rarely on my list. I love clothes, bags, and shoes and prefer to purchase things that I feel will be relevant for years to come.
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