Price problem!

  1. I really want the Cabas Piano bag or the Speedy 25 or 30. But I can't really afford it! Where can I get an authentic bag at good price? When talking about Louis Vuittons eBay doesn't convince me it's hard for me to tell which one is real and besides I want it to be new! Any ideas? Thanks! :girlsigh:
  2. look for bargain at
  3. has good deals and all bags are authentic!!
  4. eBay or let-trade yes but i have to say..i never had the money for it! i still don't so i save up!
    i spent less on clothing i don't need, used to buy 2 pairs of shoes a month, now i don't do that anymore
    it will take a while before you have the money but it is sooo worth it!
    i've been saving up since august for the multicolor speedy and yes, it is hard but it will all be worth it!
  5. Most of my bags are in the 500 or less range since I cannot afford more. Do you guys think it looks ridiculous when someone has tons of 500 bags or 1000 bags and is not driving a new car? I mean I'm still in college so I cannot afford the payments on a new car but I am absolutely obssessed with bags and shoes! So I have tons! Is that stupid since I don't even have my own house or a new car? Would people think my bags are fake because I don't drive a new car? Thanks! :s
  6. I don't think it's stupid. It is a matter of your own choices and priorities. Someone who doesn't care what car they drive might spend tons of money on bags or vice versa. Plus, saving for a house is very different from saving for a new bag. So in the end. What means more to you?
  7. No one is going to think your bags are fake because your car isn't new. My car is 8 years old and I have tons of bags. However, you don't have to be in a rush to have such a huge collection now -- don't stress yourself out. You're only 21, there will be PLENTY of time to collect all the bags you want! Enjoy the ones that you do have and when you graduate and start working you'll be able to work on your collection more.
  8. hey, it's okie. I'm still living my last few 20 year-old days (me 21st birfday is next week YIPPEEE! lol) and I don't have *MY* car or house yet either. So what if we're young? buy what you like:yes: and about the fake thing... well I think it all really depends on how a person carries himself/herself... and it's not really about age or how "well-loaded" you are... If you're self-conscious, people will notice it and may assume your bag is fake even when it's not, whereas the converse is also true imo. So just be happy with your bags!
  9. I bike (here in sweden is very common) with 1K+ bags LOL
    I wouldn't buy a car cause is not a priority for me
    right now priority for me is fashion hehehe
  10. I get asked all of the time why don't I upgrade my car (which is paid for,) instead of spending my $ on purses and fashion. My answer is that if my purse had wheels I would be more interested. Beside my little economy car gets very good gas milage and that's more $ for everything else.
  11. I suggest let-trade. I have gotten a few things from them. They ship SUPER quick.
  12. We'll be more than happy to authenticate an item from eBay for you in the authentication thread! ;)
  13. Thank you everyone for your support! I feel better! I love my bags!
  14. Don't forget to post the bag again, in the authentication thread, when you receive them (to make sure you received an authentic LV). GOOD LUCK in your search!