price per square inch of bags

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  2. haha thats a funny posting! :smile:
  3. Funny!!
  4. Love it! In that case the hermes is a better value than chanel and d&g!
  5. interesting...thanks for sharing!
  6. Nice post, but not very good idea for convincing my husband that I need a new purse and the logistics of it.
  7. Interesting....I'll have to print that out :yes:
  8. cool! thank for posting!
  9. ^^ the title alone made me laugh. What a clever way to look at bags. The "value" of a Hermes, makes me want to go buy one right now! :p
  10. ^^ :roflmfao: Yes! The title is already cracking me up!
  11. Funny! I'll show it to my Bf when I want to buy a designer bag, so I can explain him it's an investment
  12. Wow, that's a great way to look at it! Makes me feel a little better about how much I'm spending.
  13. how clever! I like it a lot
  14. haha too funny! now i want an hermes even more!