Price Opinion on This Edith - Help!


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Oct 1, 2007
The West Coast
A while back, a few NMLC stores were selling Ediths for $510, some even applied any additional discounts during events (usually 20% off). Not sure if you will find this colour still (which I think is muscade, not whiskey, but I may be completely wrong). If you have the energy, I suggest calling some NMLC stores to see what they have.

If you want an expert opinion on authenticity, the ladies on the authenticity thread are extremely helpful. Good luck!


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There are a few ediths around but the price is a little higher now. I just spoke to an SA who said that new ones came from neimans where the $510 ones were straight from Chloe.

It doesn't hurt to call around though.

The starting price is good providing no one else bid or the bids are low....the BIN price is a little too high!

Do have it authenticated first though!!


Aug 24, 2006
Seems like I remember quite a few Ediths at one of the NMLC in TX (somewhere there is a thread with pics). I received an e-mail today from NMLC and they have 20% on some items, as well as some items at deeper discounts. Haven't called yet to find out if any Chloe is included.

The e-bay one looks legit to me, I believe it is Muscade, I have the Edith in whiskey and the stiching is lighter. The Muscade had the dark stitching.

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Oct 3, 2007
Perth, Australia
Hi, I know there were quite a few $510 Ediths at Horchow, Plano, a few weeks ago. I tried to buy one but couldn't quite swing the deal from Australia. :crybaby:

Happy ending though - I just bought a Whiskey on eBay. :jammin:

What colour are you after? I agree with Mona that the BIN price is too high.


Mar 23, 2007
Thank you all for the GREAT feedback, I think I will call around to some of the NM and NMLC.