Price on Pampelonne

  1. I was looking at the Pampelonne's (PM and GM) on what's retail on these? I think they'd be a cute beach bag...
  2. Look at LV UK and do a conversion.
  3. I did a conversion. PM is aproxx 1600 and GM is aproxx 1800
  4. Ah, thanks, I didn't realize the UK site gave prices!
  5. No prob
  6. Mmm, pretty expensive beach bag, I guess... But it could also be a pool bag. And a... shopping bag... :idea: Someone should talk me into this. And there are cute matching shoes.
  7. I think you should get a Pampelonne PM. The GM is super huge.
  8. I really want one so bad, anyone know if there is a waitlist? Or anyone seen it in their boutique?
  9. i love this bag so much in azur but its really too pale for me. it looks like one of those bags you could use all summer, holidays, days out, shoppign etc. and it has pockets insie which is always a bonus with LV bags