Price on Muse

  1. Prices on Muse went up all around the world! Early February in YSL Boutiques in Hong Kong the large muse were priced around 1170USD, few weeks later I came back to purchase my long time dreaming bag, which is no choice I got for 1500USD. :sweatdrop: :push: :wlae:

    Later I'll show some pix.
  2. Really? I just bought a large violet muse in Waikiki on saturday and it was still $1295. :confused1:

    Congrats on your new Muse though! Can't wait for pics! :yes:
  3. Yes, I think the prices did go up on the Muse. The large used to be $1195 and now it is $1295.
  4. OOH...would you please post a pic? I just am dying for that violet Muse...thanks..
  5. Oh please, Riana, I would love to see your violet muse, too!
  6. yay...the violet comes in large! I desperately want one! I would love to see a picture, too, if you have one. Thanks!
  7. ah man! that sux about the price increase!

    congrats on your bag!!
  8. Post the violet muse pix, pretty please!!!
  9. I just called the YSL boutiques in Las Vegas, they said the Medium muse which is the smallest muse sells for 1195. I am under the impression that Large muse always sells for 1295:confused1:
  10. oh my goodness.... YSL had price increase too?! I thought for Chanel only..seems like all designer brands did go with the flow. waaaah:shrugs: