price on HAC 32

  1. i am wondering how much is the price for a HAC 32 in black box leather?
    is it longer waiting time than birkin?
  2. not sure about box, but the 32cm Hac in blue jean togo was either $7500 or $7900 (I can't remember- sorry)
  3. its $7200:smile: I saw one in Chicago two weeks ago.
  4. ^^^ THank you liesl karuna!!! I am so glad I was wrong!!! Phew!!!!
  5. No prob, Jag. The SA there who had the bj 32 HAC/pall also said that if you live in a state that has no H and you ship it $80 UPS then you save the tax on your baby.
    What a deal you could get a couple of bracelets *swoon*

    btw is that possibly your next purchase?
  6. thanks LK,my SA in spain had no idea about this bag...they have to order from paris...
  7. can someone tell me the current retail of a 30cm birkin in clemence? US dollars- thanks!:smile:
  8. I TRIED THAT BAG ON! I was in Chicago and visited the H boutique and was able to play with the HAC! It was gorgeous! Just wasn't sure if the HAC was my first choice! But damn, it is tempting!:graucho::heart:
  9. Jag, I bought it that weekend! I walked out and said to myself its everything I wanted and tried it on and everything but sadly I walked out and went to Carmine's for lunch. During lunch, DH talked me into getting it!

    After lunch, I walked in and got it. They had a hard time finding it 'cause they had it in the backroom. I was sweating bullets:sweatdrop: when she was looking for it and it took more than 5 minutes!

    I have absolutely no buyer's remorse whatsoever.
    And I love my sa I walked in with a t shirt and nike sweatshirt and she treated me like I walked in there with actually decent clothes.
    Glad it was in good hands (yours;) ) before it became my baby :smile:
  10. OMG! That is so amazing! IT IS GORGEOUS! I promise I only handled it for a very short while, and very carefully!!!!:angel: I love that you ended up buying it! And what a great DH you have! OMG! Mine would have been trying to talk me out of it the whole time! LOL!!!! Lost cause!:graucho:
  11. What did you end up purchasing when you went?:smile:
    My DH is a peculiar one, he's more of a clotheshorse than I am! And he...adores shopping :smile: